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In an extension to a previous post of mine, today I wanted to list more items I no longer buy. This may be because they are unsustainable, wasteful or I simply do not find any use in buying them anymore..

I think back to just a few years ago, to the sheer magnitude of ‘stuff’ I would buy. Whether this be clothes, makeup, all kinds, I simply find that kind of lifestyle completely unnecessary in 2021. Our planet is already overflowing with unnecessary ‘things’ being made. Cutting down or stopping buying certain items is something we should all be striving for. The term ‘conscious consumers’ is thrown around quite a lot. But, it’s definitely a lifestyle we should all (try) to adhere to!

So, before I continute to ramble on, here are seven items I no longer buy. In my quest to lower my waste!

1. Laundry Products in Plastic Packaging

Having noticed just how much plastic our laundry products are sold to us in, as well as the sheer amount of chemicals within our pods, powders and gels, I made the switch to products that contain no plastic and are ocean friendly. I now use a combination of both SMOL laundry capsules (delivered through your letterbox – no plastic, all natural) as well as an EcoEgg.

2. Throwaway Toothbrush Heads

Having used an electric toothbrush for a good few years now, I was starting to be more and more conscious of the disposable toothbrush heads I was often simply discarding. I have eliminated this and in their replacement, I now buy toothbrush heads from BRUSHD – 2 heads cost £5.99 and they provide a returns label to post your heads back and they recycle them for you – no waste, perfect!

3. Aerosol Deodorant & Dry Shampoo

Aerosol cans are often very hard to recycle, ending up in landfill. I therefore simply do not buy dry shampoo any longer, finding the simple trick of washing my hair less means my hair last longer – amazing! With this I have made the switch to natural deodorants which are packaged in cardboard, therefore fully recyclable and no harsh ingredients being applied to my skin.

4. Mugs

This is a little comical and a phase most of us girls may have gone through at some point, that is buying an endless amount of mugs for coffees and teas. I have made the pledge to stop buying pretty mugs altogether, as my cupboard simply as no more room!

5. Nail Varnish

As I mentioned earlier, a few years back I would buy an endless amount of makeup, with no regard for how unrecyclable a vast majority of it was. The same can be said for nail varnish. Nail polish it incredibly damaging for our environment as the polish hardens and when ending up in the ground, can stay there for hundreds of years. Of course I am not perfect, I still paint my nails from time to time, but I simply do not buy anymore polish, I stand by the ‘use up and don’t buy again’ pledge!

6. Disposable Razors

Another ‘thing’ I no longer buy is those single use, disposable razors. A couple of years back I made the switch to a Friction Free Shaving subscription. I paid for a stainless steel handle and ever other month I pay £9.99 for 4 razors. Once I have used up 12, you simply post them back to the company and they recycle the blades. A friction free and waste free shaving routine.

7. Fossil Fuels!

Our apartment building has recently switched to 100% renewable energy, which is absolutely incredible. As we are unable to choose who are provider is, when we received an email last month to say they have switched to renewable, I was delighted!

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  1. This was so interesting to read! I love the toothbrush heads idea of having them recycled for you! Need to find a version of that here in Australia

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